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Fig.P Software designs and provides excellent data-driven solutions for clinicians and for scientific researchers that unlock and deliver the remarkable pragmatic benefits of daily "professionally smart" data integration, management and presentation.
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Clinical Practice Guidelines-aligned point-of-care tool for care teams

Completely replaces the need to use multiple single-disease forms in myriad patient-specific combinations

Enables and sustains clinically smart, EMR-integrated patient care

Individualized - More appropriate care
Systematic - More comprehensive care
Quicker - More efficient care
iDynaForm is ...

  • Patient-adaptive
          ⇒ Individualized care
  • Updates-responsive
          ⇒ Data-informed care
  • Guidelines-aligned
          ⇒ Standards-informed care

iDynaForm enables and sustains ...

  • Rapid patient overviews
          ⇒ Organized complexity
  • Focused patient assessments
          ⇒ Rightsized scope of patient care
  • Better patient management
          ⇒ Aligned with patients' unique needs
  • Tidy documentation
          ⇒ Better continuity of care

Fig.P Software implements and deploys iDynaForm on the standards, modules and templates of its validated core Clinical Data Pipeline platform. More info: info (at)

Cardiovascular iDynaForm™ EMR-embeddable Evidence-aligned Clinical Management
Tool for care of patients with 1 or multiple vascular conditions

Recipient, 2017 Health Technologies Fund project support for
  2018-20 from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

For further information, please contact us at:

e-mail: info (at)

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